Policy Privacy

Suits Inc, registered trademark of Mundo dos Fatos, Comércio de Vestuário, Lda, knows how important privacy is to our customers, striving to be clear about how we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store your personal information. This Privacy Policy applies to any device, website, customer support platform or other online applications that refer to or have a link to the Policy (collectively, the Suits Inc “Services”). This Privacy Policy applies regardless of whether the Customer uses a computer, mobile phone, tablet, TV, home appliance or other smart device to access the Services from Suits Inc. For more detailed information on how Customer information are dealt with, read on below.

  • Information Collected by Suits Inc

    Suits Inc collects various types of information, including:
    • Information provided by the Customer directly to Suits Inc through our physical stores;
    • Information collected by Suits Inc about Customer's use of the Online Services on SUITSINC.com.

    Information such as name, address and telephone number, and optional information such as email, date of birth and VAT number.

    Suits Inc may also attempt to obtain the Client's consent separately for the collection of information, or notify the Client separately of how their personal information is collected in a manner that is not described in this Privacy Policy, if necessary.for the provision of certain additional services.

    At any time, the customer may request the deletion of their data, simply by sending an email with the request to suporte@suitsinc.com and deleting their personal account in the "my account" area at SUITSINC.com.

  • Use and Sharing of Information

    Suits Inc uses the information it collects to:

    • Provide the Services requested by the Customer;
    • Understand how the Client uses the Services so that Suits Inc can improve the Client's experience;
    • Better understand our customers, so that we can provide the most relevant communications, services and experiences;and
    • Provide advertising and personalized content with the Client's separate consent whenever necessary.

    In order to fulfill the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy, it is necessary for us to give access to your personal data to third parties who provide us with support in the services we offer you, for example:

    • financial Institution;
    • fraud detection and prevention entities;
    • technological service providers;
    • providers and employees of logistics, transport and delivery services.