Terms and Conditions

Online Shopping Terms and Conditions

  • I - Introduction

    These terms and conditions establish the conditions that conduct this website (www.suitsinc.com) and the aquisitions of its items (wich will be referred as conditions from this point).

    We advise you to carefully read the Conditions, our Cookies Policy and our Privacy Policy before using this website.

    Using this website or ordering from it, the user recognises that is under these Conditions and our Privacy Policy. If you don’t agree with all the Conditions and our Privacy Policy, you should not use this website.

    These Conditions can change at any time. It is the user’s responsibility to read them periodically, since the conditions at the current time of the Contract (as defined below) or use of this website will always be the ones applied.

    If you have any questions related to the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy you can contact us using the contact form.

    The Contract (as explained below) can be signed in any language that is available.

  • II – Our data

    The selling of all the items of this website is done under the name of Suits Inc by Mundo dos Fatos , Comércio de Vestuário Lda, company with its head office in Zona Industrial 1, lote 10, 4560-144 Penafiel, PORTUGAL, registed in Conservatória do Registo Comercial do Porto, with the number 507 402 022, which is also the identification number of the legal person, with a share capital of 500.000,00 (five hundred thousand euros).
  • III – Your data and visits to this website

    The personal information provided by the user, should be processed according to the Privacy Policy. By using this website, the user is agreeing with the processing of the data and information, and declares that all information and data provided are true and correspond to reality.
  • IV - Use of our website

    By using this website, and ordering from it, the user commits to:
    1. Use this website exclusively to legally valid queries and requests.
    2. To not make false or fraudulent orders. If there is reasanable motive to consider an order false or fraudulent , Suits Inc is authorized to cancel it and inform the competent authorities.
    3. To give Suits Inc the correct and exact information about your adress, e-mail and/or other contact details. The user agrees that Suits Inc can use this information to get in contact with the user if necessary (consult our Privacy Policy)


    If the user does not provide all the solicited information, it cannot complete the order. By ordering from this website the user declares to be 18 years old or older, and to be of legal capability of signing contracts.

  • V - Service availability

    The items of this website are available for delivery only in the countries available on the selection option. You can order items from this website, being that, the items can only be sent to our stores, Suits Inc, or to the home adress of the elligible countries.
  • VI - Contract formalization

    To place an order, the user should follow the procedure of online acquisition and select the form of payment, read and accept the Purchase Terms. In that moment, you will be signing a contract of buy and sell with us (the “contract”). After, you will receive an e-mail confirming that your order has been placed (the “order confirmed”) then the user will be informed through e-mail of the shipping of the order ( the “Shipping Confirmation”). The invoice (bill) with the details of the order will be sent as an attachment in the “shipping confirmation” e-mail.
  • VII - Product Availability

    All the orders are subject to the product availability. If there is difficulties in supplying the product or if it’s out of stock, Suits Inc will refund any amount that has already been paid regarding the unavailable products or issue a discount voucher of its value within 30 days.
  • VIII - Shipping

    Notwithstanding clause VII above on the availability of the articles, and except in the event of extraordinary circumstances, Suits Inc will do everything possible to ship your order as described in each Shipping Confirmation before the date indicated on the Shipping Confirmation or, in case there is no specific delivery date, within the estimated time indicated when selecting the delivery method (store delivery or home delivery) and, in any case, within a maximum period of 30 days from the date of the Order Confirmation. However, there could delays due to unforeseen circumstances or due to the delivery zone.

    Regarding to the virtual Gift Card, it will be delivered on the date chosen by the user upon ordering it. If Suits Inc is not able to comply with the delivery date for reasons beyond its responsibility, the User will be informed of this situation, and may choose between proceeding with the order, establishing a new delivery date, or cancel the order, with the full refund of the amount paid, without prejudice to all other rights that you may have under the terms of the applicable legislation. In each case, you should take notice that Suits Inc doesn’t do deliveries on Sundays except for the virtual Gift Card.


    For the purposes of these Conditions, it is understood that the "delivery" has been made or that the order has been "delivered" at the time when the user or a third party indicated by the user takes physical possession of the articles.


    The Gift Card will be considered delivered according to the Gift Card Terms of Use and, in any case, at the moment that it is sent to the e-mail adress specified by the user.
  • IX - Unable to delivery

    If it is not possible for Suits Inc to deliver an order, we will notify the user, explaining the whereabouts of your order, and the steps you should take to receive it. In the event of the order not being delivered by the indicated time due to the user’s fault (absent at the time of delivery etc.), it can be charged to the user the price of  the expenses of the storage and new delivery attempts.
  • X - Transmission of risk and ownership of products

    The risks that the items are exposed will be at the users fault upon the moment of delivery. The user will acquire ownership of the article once Suits Inc has received the complete payment of the order, including the shipping cost.
  • XI - Buying as a guest

    We also offer the option of buying as a guest. By selecting this option, it will only be solicited the essencial data to process your order. Upon completing your order, it will be given the possibility to register to our wesbsite, or to continue as a guest.
  • XII - Value-Added Tax (VAT)

    All purchases through this website are subject to the value-added tax according to the user country.
  • XIII - Price and payment

    This website has outlet prices during all year. The price of each item will be according to the price shown on the website at the given moment, except in a case of an obvious mistake. Although Suits Inc makes every effort to ensure that prices appearing on the website are correct, errors may occur.

    If an error is detected in any items ordered, Suits Inc will inform the user as quickly as possible, offering the option to confirm the order according to the correct price, or to cancel it and proceed with the refund of the payment. If it is not possible to get in contact with the buyer, Suits Inc will cancel the order and issue a refund.

    Suits Inc will in no case be obliged to supply the user with any product at an incorrect lower price (even after the Shipping Confirmation has been sent) if the error in the price is obvious and unambiguous, and can be reasonably recognized by the user as being an incorrect price.The prices shown on the website include the value-added tax, however the shipping cost is not, as it will be added at the total price as explained in our FAQS- Shipping and Delivery.

    Prices shown may change at any time. However, and except in the cases stipulated above, the changes will not affect orders for which an Order Confirmation has already been sent.

    After selecting the items you want to buy, they will be added to your shopping cart, the next step being, placing your order and complete the payment.

    The user should follow all steps of the process, filling and verifying all the information solicited, this information can also be changed throughout the process before the payment is made. All registered users can consult all their previous orders information by checking the “My Account” section.

    We accept various methods of payment such as Mastercard or VISA credit card and debit card, Paypal, ATM reference and MBWay (only in Portugal market). Its is also possible to pay the total or partial payment with a Gift Card or a Suits Inc online Voucher. To minimize the risk of unauthorized access, your credit card details will be encrypted.

    Once the user's order has been received, we will process a pre-authorization on the card, to prove that there is sufficient funds to complete the transaction.

    The order price will be debited from the user's card when the order leaves the Suits Inc warehouse. In the case of payments made through PayPal, the order amount will be charged when Suits Inc confirms the order.

    By clicking “Authorize payment” the user confirms they own the credit card or debit card, or that you are the legitimate holder of the Gift Card or payment voucher.

    Credit cards are subject to the verification and authorization by its issuer. If the payment is not authorized, Suits Inc will not be responsible for any delays or impossibility to deliver the order and will be unable to formalize any contract with the User.

  • XIV - Exchanges and returns policy

    Contractual right to return products

    The User has a period of 30 days, from the date of Confirmation of delivery of the order, to return the items (except in the case of the items mentioned in the paragraph below, for which the right of return of the products is excluded). The return of the Gift Card will be governed by its Terms of Use. If the User returns the items within the contractual period established by the contractual right of return but after the regulatory period has expired, the brand will only refund the amount paid for said items. The User will be responsible for the direct costs of returning the product when the return is not made in a Suits Inc store in Portugal or Spain.

    In any case, the User must inform Suits Inc of their intention to return the products through the method available in their personal area of ​​the website and proceed to deliver the items to the brand within 14 days from the date of Confirmation of Return Request.

    Common provisions

    The User shall not have a contractual right of return for underwear items and personalized items.

    The contractual right of return of the products applies exclusively to items that are returned in the same condition as they were delivered. No refund or exchange will be made if the product has been used beyond opening its packaging, for items that are not in the condition in which they were delivered, or if they have been damaged, and the User must take proper care of the item(s) while in possession of them.

    The User must return the items using or including all their original packaging, instructions, and any other documents, if any, that accompany the items. In the event of returning the products, the respective items must be returned as follows:

    Returns at any Suits Inc store:

    The User can return any item at any Suits Inc store. In this case, the User must initiate the return request on the website and then go to the store and present the item(s) to be returned along with the return request submitted on the website.

    This return method does not have any associated cost for the User.

    Returns (Non-store) by User:

    The User must send the product in the same packaging in which it was received and properly sealed to prevent damage to the items during transportation.

    In this return method, the User will bear the shipping costs associated with it. The User should send the return to the following address:

    Mundo dos Fatos, Comércio de Vestuário Lda.
    A/c: Dp. Loja Online
    NIPC 507402022
    Zona Industrial 1, lote 10,
    4560-144 Penafiel
    Porto, Portugal

    In all return methods, it can only be done by request via the "Return/Exchange" option in the order summary in the personal area of the website account. After examining the item, Suits Inc will inform the User whether they are entitled to a refund of the amounts paid or not. Delivery costs will not be refunded, as it is a service effectively provided even considering all its variants. The refund will be made as soon as possible and, in any case, within a maximum period of 14 days from the date of the User's return request on the website, indicating their intention to return the purchase. Without prejudice to the above, Suits Inc may retain the refund until the returned items are received or until the User provides proof of shipment of the items to be returned, whichever occurs first. The refund will always be made through the same payment method used to make the purchase, except when not possible. In these cases, the User will be requested to provide proof of their IBAN in order to proceed with a bank transfer of the value associated with the return in question.

  • XV - Defective Products

    In cases where the user considers that, at the time of delivery, the product does not conform to the terms of the Contract, he/she must contact us through our contact form, indicating the details of the order, product and the damages suffered, or through  email to apoio@suitsinc.com, within the legally established period of two months, so that we can tell you how to proceed.

    The user must return the product with a printout of the invoice to the address – Mundo dos Fatos, Zona Industrial 1, lot 10, 4560-144 Penafiel, PORTUGAL, or at any Suits Inc store, always accompanied by the invoice.

    Upon the arrival of the product at the Suits Inc logistics center, the responsible department will analyze it and provide a response to the user within a maximum period of 14 days.

    As legally established, instead of canceling the contract (and the consequent return of the goods and reimbursement), you can also choose to replace the product.

    The refund or exchange of the product will be made as soon as possible and always within 60 days following the user’s request.

    The price paid for the returned item for reasons of defect or damage, when proven, will be entirely refunded, including shipping costs.

    The refund will be made through the same method of payment used by the user, if this is not possible, it will be done by bank transfer after a request for an IBAN probative.
  • XVI - Variations that should not be considered defects

    The items sold by Suits.Inc, specially items that are handcrafted such as some of our shoes, may sometimes have variations due to the natural aspects of the material used. Variations in textures, knots, color or granulation cannot be considered defects. The user must accept these variations and value them since it makes their piece unique.

     Suits inc selects only high quality materials, but natural aspects are inevitable and should be seen as an uniqueness of the product.

  • XVII - Intellectual property rights

    The user recignizes and consents that all copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights on the materials or content provided as part of the website belongs at all times to Suits Inc, or to the third parties who have granted us the license for their use.

    The User may use such material only in the form expressly authorized by us or by those who have granted us the license for its use. This circumstance will not prevent the user from using this website insofar as it is necessary to copy the information about his order or Contact details.

  • XVIII - Right to modify these conditions

    Suits Inc reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions. We will keep the User informed of substantial changes made to these Terms and Conditions.

    Said changes will not be retroactive and, except for possible exceptions according to a specific case, will be applied after 30 days from the date of their application in the corresponding notice.

    If you do not agree with the changes introduced, we recommend not using our website.

    The use of the Suits Inc website and the purchase contracts for articles through it will be governed by Portuguese law.

    If the User enters into a Contract as a consumer, nothing in this clause shall affect his rights recognized in any current applicable legislation.

  • XIX - General conditions of the Gift Card

    1.This card is valid exclusively for the purchase of products on the website.

    2. The Card can be purchased using any payment method accepted at www.suitsinc.com. The Gift Card cannot be purchased using another Gift Card.


    4. The Gift Card can only be used once.

    5. If the purchase price exceeds the balance available on the Card, the difference can be paid through any of the other payment methods accepted on www.suitsinc.com.

    6. Products purchased with the Card at www.suitsinc.com are subject to the online store's exchange and return policy.

    7. The card is valid for a period of 6 (six) months from the date of purchase. Once the date has expired, the Card cannot be renewed, used to purchase items, nor can the unused balance be claimed.

    8. The Card is a bearer document. Its holder is solely responsible for its use and custody. Suits Inc does not replace the Card in case of theft, loss or deterioration.

    9. If the Card is purchased via www.suitsinc.com, Suits Inc cannot be held responsible for the non-receptionor delay in receiving the Card by its recipient for reasons beyond the control of Suits Inc, including, but not limited to, (i) the deficiencies or interruption of communication lines, (ii) the delay in the transmission of data information or the loss of information or data that may occur in the situations provided for in (i), (iii) the inaccuracy of the Virtual Card recipient's data provided by the buyer of that Card, (iv) the impossibility of delivering the Card to the email address provided or (v) the email sent by Suits Inc be considered as Spam.

    10. Cards obtained illegally will be invalid and cannot be used to purchase goods and their value will not be refunded

    11. The Gift Card cannot be used for advertising purposes or for the promotion of products or services marketed by third parties unrelated to the Card issuer, unless prior written authorization.

    12. The acquisition and/or use of the Card constitutes knowledge and acceptance of the respective general conditions that were delivered at the time of purchase of the Card and are available at www.suitsinc.com.